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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Library Services

Reference Section

Dr. Hiranya Chandra Bhuyan Memorial Reference Library

  1. Name of the Library & Address : - Dr. Hiranya Chandra Bhuyan Memorial Reference Library.
                                                             Directorate of Library Services, Assam, Guwahati-781001.
  2. Year of establishment of the library:-1974
  3. Brief write-up of the library:-


The Assam Government Public Library was established in Shillong in the year 1903. It was started in two rooms in the first floor of the building in front of State Transport Office located at Police Bazar, Jail Road Shilong. The same building also housed the Chapala Book Stall and one Bank in the ground floor. It was the main base from where the Assam Library Movement was germinated. Only a few retired and renowned personnel enjoyed the facilities of the Library Services but gradually started becoming popular among the common masses. At that juncture Sri Ram Goswami joined the Public Library as Assistant Librarian and had given the much needed thrust and direction to the library movement through his devotion to the cause to generate reading habits among the masses as it was one of the main media to widen ones horizon by reading books.

In the year 1956 the State Central Library was established in Shillong and the Public Library was merged with the State Central Library. Due to separation of Meghalaya from Assam and subsequently shifting of the state capital from Shillong to Guwahati as per resolution in the undivided state assembly in the year 1971 it was decided to shift all the office of the Assam Government to Guwahati in the year 1972. An agreement was signe4d by the Assam Government and the Meghalaya Government to share the books and other accessories of the State Central Library. As per the agreement the extremely beautiful Children section and the Reading Room and half of the books stored in the library was given to Maghalaya Government. In that crucial period on behalf of the Assam Government Sri Abhay Charan Borkotoky, then Sr. Deputy Librarian with the help of his subordinate employee Sri M. C. Goswami managed to shift the rare and invaluable books to Guwahati under his safe custody overcoming lot of obstacles and kept in the Reference Section of the then State Central Library, Assam, Guwahati.

Available in the library are given below :

  1. GEET GOVINDA written by Ram Swaraswati.
  2. TANTRAMALA written by Pitambar Bidyabagish (648 years old)
  3. KANKHOWA - written by Sreedhar Kandali
  4. KAITHELI ONGKO - written by Dandiram Dutta,1852
  5. HASTIVIDYARNAVA - written by Sukumar Barkhat.
  6. LEELAMALA - written by Srimanta Shankar Dev (Sachipaat)
  7. SRIMAD BHAGAWAT GITA - by Pitambar Bidyabagish (Tulapat)
  8. PROYOG RATNAMALA - by Pitambar Bidyabagish (Sachipaat 16th century)
  9. TRAVELS INTO SEVERAL REMOTE NATION OF THE WORLD(Golden color) This book was published in the year 1726 and was donated to the to the State Central Library Shilong, by Raja of hill Tipperah.

From 1972 to 2011 more than six times these rare and invaluable books available in the Library were exhibited in different Book Fare and Book Exhibitions. These books are available in the Reference Library under the Directorate of Library Services, Assam, Guwahati.

Sri Durga Bhagawati was the first Reference Librarian of the Research & Reference Section of State Central Library, Assam, at Guwahati during 1974 to 1976. The subsequent Reference Librarians of Research & Reference Section of Directorate of Library Services, Assam, Guwahati are Smti. Rita Das 1976 to 2000 and Smti. Utpala Borah Kalita 2004 to till date.

In the year 2009 the Research & Reference Section was renamed as Dr. Hiranya Chandra Bhuyan Memorial Library.



Total No. of books on Research and Reference Section-40886

Language wise –

Sl. No.LanguageNo. of Books


Sl. No.Subject WiseNo. of  books
1Assamese Poetry1792
2Assamese Religion1351
3Assamese Essay253
4Assamese Biography1688
5Assamese History653
6Encyclopedia  (Assamese & English)745
7Indian History (Assamese & English)838
8World History  644
9 Dictionary (Assamese & English)390
10English Biography1581
11North East  (Assamese & English)449
12Computer Science ,Knowledge & System (Assamese & English)531
13English Religion808
14Culture (Assamese & English)   206
15Law  (Assamese & English)  307
16Education ( English & Assamese)       762
17Pure Science ( English & Assamese)    925
18Language  ( English & Assamese)    257
19Applied Science ( English & Assamese)    908
20Art ( English & Assamese)    831
21Management ( English & Assamese)    228
22Medical Science ( English & Assamese)    218
23Tourism ( English & Assamese)    356
24 Political Science ( English & Assamese)    936
25 Bengali Literature      657
26Social Science(Assamese & English)1136
27Assamese Literature2068
28Drama (Assamese & English)914
29Children (Assamese & English)2209
30Library Science457
31Women (Assamese & English)472
32English Literature2092
33Assamese Novel2875
34Rare Books (English & Assamese)4575
36Old Magazine756
39Assamese Poetry1792

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Staff Position

Sl no.NameDesignationMobile no.
1Smti.Utpala Borah Kalita.Reference Librarian94351-09066.
2Smti. Karishma Kuli.Library Asstt. 
3Md. Jahangir Islam.Technical Asstt. 
4Shri Prahlad Choudhury.Counter Attendant 
5Smti. Bobita PeguCounter Attendant 
6Shri Dina Bandhu DekaCounter Attendant 
7Shri Hari Chandra BoniyaGr. IV 
7Shri Palas Prasad DasGr. IV