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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Library Services

Our Vision and Mission


It is the mission of Public library of Assam to ensure the preservation and  transmission of society`s Knowledge, History and Culture and to provide  free , open  and equitable access to information for education, recreation and references which meet the changing needs of mass people of Assam.

Vision Statement:

Public library of Assam main vision is:

  1. Be the first choice for information
  2. Anticipate and meet changing needs
  3. Assure equitable access to the library`s resources and services
  4. Be a dynamic force in the community.

To fulfill these visions public library has taken some steps.

Library provide a vital place for children to increased the reading habits of books for fun ,not just for education.

Library provides free, open, unrestricted access to its collections and services. Library provides reading facilities for physically challenged persons (Deaf, Dump, Blind etc).

Public libraries have women corner as well as Research Scholar section (with relevant book sale facilities only for the research scholars) and Reference and public network section also.

Public library of Assam have book collection and Processing section, Reading room section, Periodical News Paper Section, Technical Assistance Division, Binding & Preservation Section, Science & Technology Section, Manuscript Section, Conference Hall/Seminar Hall etc.

Apart from this to increase the reading habit among the people public library organized State Level Library Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Rare Book Exhibition, Awareness growing programme etc.

A computer section of Directorate of Library Services was introduced in the year 2000. Now computer section of DLS (HQ) has well infrastructure for access of the information.


Software for DLS (HQ) has been developed partially by NIC. A database has been started for document of Reference section of DLS, as well as every District and Sub-Division Libraries of Assam. In that purpose a set of computers for every District and Sub-Division Libraries of Assam has already been supplied by the Directorate of Library services, Assam.